Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gym time

It's really hard to hit the gym more now, as that was the last place I was able to touch and see him. Going to the gym to workout and get fit again brings many emotions. Walking into the gym, reality sets in, seeing where his bags were placed that morning a rush of emotions hit me, looking at the stands where we last sat together knocks me back a few steps. Not even talking about walking across the gym floor to the cardio door just getting to the edge of the gym floor. It's hard to face the gym at times like today, it brings me to tears still not because he isn't there to run on the treadmill next to me while I walk/jog but because it's a place where our life together changed. It's changed for many months to come, yet we are that much closer to him being back where he belongs.

Running today helped, it's sort of a therapy while I miss him being on the treadmill next to the one I'm on, I know I can run out my frustrations, my anger, my hurt that he isn't there with me. I'm angry at the Army, I'm angry at people here, I'm angry my Home Based Business packet has taken this long and I still don't have any answers. I'm frustrated that my hands are tied behind my back with my business adventures, I'm frustrated that he isn't here and we aren't able to start the next chapter of our life together in 7 months. I'm hurt that I have to go to bed alone, cook dinner, do the dishes and hang out with friends and their husbands. I'm hurt that I'm a third wheel now. I'm frustrated that my career will be put on hold probably another year as we won't be at a new duty station before next school year starts. There is a lot to be frustrated over, angry at and hurt over but at the end of the day nothing I do will bring him home earlier than what the Army has planned for him to come back. It's hard to walk through the door and across the floor but in the end I feel more at peace with this deployment. It can knock me down, it can make me cry but at the end of the day it's not going to define our lives together. Hopefully this will be the last one for a while if not for good for him. I don't hold my breathe or wish deployments upon anyone.

Little by little, my run will get better and when he gets back we can enjoy the gym and outside together again. I'm already looking into places for R&R that we've talked about going to. Last time we had R&R we spent the whole time in wonderful Hawaii on the beaches and enjoying what Hawaii had to offer. Now we are looking into the Caribbean, Australia and a few other places. Leaning more towards Australia for this trip as it will be a one in a lifetime chance to go.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update on life

Well looks like life has taken over and the blog has suffered. I send my apologies! A trip to Walter Reed for surgery for the husband, training/schooling for him, a trip home for me to my parents and then we met up in his hometown to see his sister get married, getting a new job at the schools, holidays and family visiting us for some of the winter, ski trips, traveling more of Germany, taking two weeks off for block leave- UK/Italy, deployment starting among other things. This has been our life in the last thirteen months! Hoping things settle down some soon and I can share our adventures of the last year and then some :)

There has been plenty of drama and rumors flying around our tiny post. It's getting way old and truth be told, I'm too old to deal with the high school games and drama most of the wives around here play. I've had my fair share of hurt by some of these women. I've been used and thrown to the side like no other. From here forward, I'm done trying to be the best friend, I'm done being used and thrown aside like I don't matter. Since Brian has left, there has been only one person who truly checks on me. For her I'm thankful for. She lives up the street from me, we tweet each other throughout the week, we are able to vent and talk to each other like we've known each other for years. Although we haven't truly known the other one for a long time, I know this is a true friendship and one that will last far beyond our time here together. Other "friends" yes I truly mean that, they are nothing more than people who only talk to me when they need something in return. It sure gets old being that person they always call or message. When will it be my turn for them to be there? When I have trouble with a car, who will I depend on to be there? Sure won't be them!

Don't worry mom and dad (both sides here) I do have people I can call, people who will be there when things go wrong (hopefully nothing major!) and friends who will be there to sit with me, have a glass of wine and let me vent about this year. Facebook has been causing a LOT of drama between a lot of the women around here. Please think twice before posting something on there. A lot can be take wrong, a lot can be hurtful or rude to others. Before I go home this summer for a few weeks, I'll be finishing at least one quilt, working more on scrapbook pages, more on this blog and best of all working on this house and getting more things put up and away as well as getting somethings outta here!

Our return date has been extended by 6 months. Not too bad in most terms, yes it stinks because we were looking forward to being under a year left here. At the same time this gives us a nice cushion on the end of his return back here to get a few more weekend trips in before we head back over the pond and end this big adventure. As of now we have no idea where we will be heading next or what possible new job hubby could have when he reenlists later this year. More to come about that hopefully this summer. Hopefully good news will bless our house and we will have something great to look forward to next year. For now, I'm off to go clean up some and relax. Hope no one takes great offense to this, but just remember this is a place for my thoughts and for me to speak my mind ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

pretty lake on the way to the cabins :)

more of the pretty lake :)

camp grounds

Our little cabin for the weekend :)

Well we made it back in one piece which is always good. Nothing broken or really injured! Friday we left to head to Switzerland. We got in late Friday night, checked into the cabins then headed downtown to eat dinner. We had amazingly good food with smelly Swiss cheese on it! A group of us went out for drinks after dinner. It was decided that the group would heli-ski on Sunday due to the cruddy weather that was expected on Saturday. Saturday morning we got up and yup cruddy weather! Nothing but rain on the ground, snow on the tops of the peaks. Brian and I headed up with the group to ski, I didn't make it far at all. My knee was really bothering me so I opted to go back to the cabin and try to rest it while Brian hit the slopes without me. He caught up to the group somehow and stayed with them for the rest of the day. He took a few falls and ended up managing to make it down the one hill before his ski and it attacked his face. Just a little cut later and he is fine!

Saturday night we headed to Interlaken for dinner. We went to Hooters for dinner and it was mighty yummy. It was about a 15 minute drive which wasn't bad at all. Yup out of ten of us, there was only 2 women. At first it was just supposed to be me and 8 guys! LOL I'm glad Jen was able to come with us at the last minute. After heading back to the cabins some of the guys went back out for drinks. I'm pretty sure we ended up going to bed after having a beer at the cabin's bar.

Sunday morning the boys and Jen left for the heli-ski trip. I went back to sleep after they left. I got up a little later and got ready to head to Wengen. As I was waiting for the bus to go to the train station I see a helicopter flying towards the cabins. A few minutes later a car pulls into the parking lot, out gets one of the guys that was with us. He got injured and they brought him back. I made sure he was taken care of (this later paid off!) I then took off 30 minutes later to head to Wengen. It was such a cute little town and had the most amazing views of the town we stayed in! I could have sat there all day looking at the valley and just enjoyed it. So peaceful nothing but the train and the birds could be heard.

Some of the hotels in Wengen

Train Station in Wengen

More hotels in Wengen (The one on the right is a Best Western)

Another hotel in Wengen

Me up by the Chapel on the hill overlooking the valley somewhat!

One of the pretty pretty peaks :)

more of another peak

The Pretty Chapel (I fell in love!)

Taxi in Wengen

I took a video and will work on uploading it so you can hear how peaceful it really was up by the little chapel they had. It had a few benches in front of it on the side of the hill to over look the valley. This was my favorite place up there! I'd give anything to go sit and relax there again. Sunday afternoon came and everyone got back to the cabins safely or pretty safe lol. We went downtown for dinner and had wonderful fondue! Three different types, we shared with a guy on our trip. From there we went out for dessert and then for drinks. Around 12:30/1 am we walked back to the cabins from the bar... Once we got to the cabins I decided to throw the key (wooden block, rope, key) onto the ground to watch it bounce.... Bounce it sure did! Right into the little creek on the camp grounds and floated under the road where it stayed. We couldn't get in our room at all until the next morning. We bunked with the people next door until morning. Once the morning rolled around we waited around for the office to open up and to get the maid to open our door for us. We paid the camp grounds $88.86 US dollars for the stupid key :( lets just say it's a funny story to tell now!

Chapel in Lauterbrunnen

Flowers on my walk back to the cabins

Pretty pretty waterfalls were everywhere this trip!

Amazing brownie and hot chocolate I had on my way back to the cabins :) the brownie had chunks of white chocolate in it and the hot chocolate had dark chocolate shavings on top! YUMMY!!!!

Our one side of the sets of cabins we were in. Our room was the middle door!

The inside of our cabin (it's blurry sorry!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day dinner!

our cabbage and beef meal today! The commissary didn't have any whole heads of cabbage so I couldn't do cabbage rolls hence the cut up cabbage floating around!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

busy busy

Today we went back up to Landstuhl and were given the results of his ct scan. No mass or tumors are present. Um excuse me? We thought this was to check the blood flow and not check for a mass or a tumor. Not what we wanted to hear that's for sure. Brian was told to live with the inconvenience his arm/shoulder is giving him. See when he runs, talks on the phone, plays video games on the Wii, drives, does day to day activities around the house and at work his fingers go numb, they turn white and his arm tingles. He has seen 6 doctors now and has done physical therapy for thoracic outlet sydrome. We are pretty much at the point now it's either suck it up and deal with this on a day to day bases or surgery. While we don't want him to undergo surgery we are wanting to know if it will help. What if his symptoms go completely away after surgery. If we don't go that route, what happens when he goes for a run during pt and his hand turns white, goes numb and he gets frostbite on his fingers because he can't feel them. Then what do we do? It's finding the right doctor who is comfortable in taking steps to help him. I don't think we will find that here in Germany or at ANY military facility. See most of these 'doctors' he has seen haven't graduated Medical school or done anything to get the title of MD. It's frustrating to see someone who has little schooling making these judgments. Oh well such is military life.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and packing for our trip. I also hope to be able to go to see Chief's last flight and help to celebrate it with him. He has been such a wonderful influence and friend here to Brian and I. We are super sad to see him go.

Friday morning we leave to go to Switzerland for the long weekend. Yup another 4 day weekend... The military likes to give us one a month at least if not more! It's super nice and makes traveling around a LOT easier. Brian is going helo-skiing on Saturday while I bum around, study for my certification testing and relax. Sunday we'll ski together (I can only ski one day a trip because of the metal in my calf... It hurts too much to do more) Then on Monday we travel back home to start another week. Brian is going to his new unit this coming week. Among other things. I'm still in the process of trying to get certified so I can maybe teach this upcoming year. Who knows it's all up in the air right now. We are at the mercy of someone hiring me and I'm not wanting to work nights/weekends which makes it a little harder!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

V-day and other ramblings

Ramblings from February

We haven't done too much due to a lot of people PCS'ing in and out of here. We've had to say goodbye to many friends and people we've meet in the last year. Some of them will be greatly missed and others we have already celebrated them moving away from here! This is one part of the military life style that is hard for everyone. Making friends seems to be a hard task when you know either of you will be moving soon after becoming good friends. I guess it's life though.

We did stay up and watch the Super Bowl, but yet again no commercials. It just doesn't seem the same when they have no commercials from the states. Oh well, one more Super Bowl for sure here and then we can watch all the commercials back State side!

For Valentine's day we did a surf and turf type dinner. For Breakfast I made pancakes, bacon and a strawberry sauce to go on top of the pancakes. The strawberries came in heart shaped containers from the commissary. They were super cute!!!

Brian and I went to dinner the Friday before. We went to Tiz for dinner, which as always was yummy. It's an Asian/German place. I use Asian lightly as the food is Chinese or Japanese but with a German flare. They aren't too great at making great Asian food. One thing I miss about the States! Oh well, Brian brought home a dozen tulips for me as a surprise. We had said NO gifts but he spoiled me with tulips! Oh how nice :)

Other than that February was a very uneventful month here. We are looking forward to no more snow and to warmer temps so we can travel easier! It didn't really snow much this month which was wonderful.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


One of Brian's coworkers had a going away party on Saturday night so we piled in the car and drove down to join in for dinner. No one in the party had ever been to this place before. It was a very interesting and unique experience. A place we will go back to a few more times while we are still here. It would be the perfect place to go on a date or for girls night!!!! The food was fantastic and reasonably priced.

Now on to the real story behind this post.

In this restaurant there are NO and I mean NO wait staff. You do all the ordering of food/drinks yourself. Upon walking into the restaurant, you are given a card. With this card you order all of your food on the computers at your table. In the middle of the table is a huge turn table that is two shelves tall. The lower one houses plates, bowls, silverware, napkins, glasses, beer mugs, beer glasses, bottle opener and an empty spot to put your used dishes on. Going around the middle are two computers that are movable around the table so everyone can access them easily. Each chair has a number on the table that becomes your number for the night. When you order on your card, you select your number on the monitor. Upon placing your order, you wait around for not long at all, I'd say no more than 15 minutes for your whole meal to come down to you. The kitchen is up on the fourth floor of the restaurant. The drinks and food are loaded up into little caddies (single item per caddy) and sent down a track system that ends at your table. It is then resting on the top of the middle section of table. It can be spun around the table to the person who ordered it. They place a little sticker on the lid of whatever you order that has your table number, your seat number and a few other things on it. This comes in handy when there are 13 people at your table if in a large group! The food is served in little pots, with lids. On the lid is the steam hole and shoved in the hole is a sparkler. Makes the best presentation ever!!!! Nothing like seeing hot food coming at you with a sparkler attached to it.

Sorry the next few pictures were taken with my iPhone. I forgot to bring a real camera with us the first time we went.

Some of the pictures are from 2 weeks later when we went back with friends for another going away dinner :( BLAH! This is the part I think most of us dislike about the military and all the moving we do. Once we get great friends it seems that it is time for one of us to move.

Will and Papi


Papi, Jay and Mel

Mel getting some of her food!

Our onion rings :)

The pot holders for the pots


Julie and Will

Dessert :) yummy!

An empty food holder!