Sunday, February 7, 2010

Road trip

Brian was able to get his car the other day and he has been busy driving all over the place! We both are rather happy he has it so we don't have to walk everywhere, take a taxi or bum rides from others to get there. Friday night we spent a long time at the Pub getting to meet a few new people and some other obnoxious people who decided to sit down with us, which did not last long.

Saturday morning we both got up and decided to head to the commissary to get some groceries there before heading to a German grocery store. Let me just say this the German store was bigger than most Walmart's and Targets back in the states!!!! There was tons of stuff in the one we went into. So much that we almost got lost a few times walking around. We have decided that next weekend since it is a 4 day that we will venture out to visit two other grocery stores on the economy. There are plenty of grocery stories around here, I'd say probably 6-8 if not more in our small little town!

After we went grocery shopping and came home to put up all our food we got ready to head down to Nürenberg for the afternoon. We got in the car and off we went. Oh did I forget to mention that visibility was close to zero because of all the fog that we had floating around us! Today looks a little better though. Anyway back to our trip :) It was a short drive down the road took us only 20-30 minutes to get into town. We were able to drive through several small towns along the way and see some great churches and other things that we will have to go visit in more detail some time soon! We got to Nürenberg and parked at the one train station. After walking around and not finding much to do we decided to Google a castle or two to go visit. We got lost a few times and it took us an hour and half to drive 12km. This isn't far at all considering we drove 50-60 km in less than 30 minutes! Sure it was all a straight shot the first time and not in a major city but still we got lost. We had a wonderful time once we found the castle. It covers a large area well at least the wall does. I didn't get a chance to take many pictures as I was wanting to get something to eat and warm up some! As we were walking around the little town inside the walls of the castle I spotted a Starbucks, this girl hasn't had any in a month and half. I begged to go get something to warm both of us up! Brian also had to pee really bad so we decided to stop in and get something to drink before walking around more. After Starbucks we headed up the hill to walk around some more. I spotted some tents in an open area right outside of a church or two. We walked over to the one tent and I was in even more heaven than with Starbucks! At last I had found the gingerbread cookies that were covered in a powdered sugar icing. Not my favorite ones but it will have to work until the fall when the ones come out that are dipped in chocolate and I can buy boxes to store in the freezer for next year. Some how we got a little turned around and got lost in this little town. We walked up a huge hill and then back down. Brian remembered after we stopped at Starbucks and got the cookies that his iPhone has an application that will save the location of your car and give you directions back to your car when your ready. Needless to say we WILL be using that from now on when we go out and travel on the weekends! We were hungry and decided to head back to Ansbach to go to Da Enzo's Pizzeria for dinner as Brian now has the car and we don't have to pay for the taxi ride to and from which is more than our dinner was last time.

We ended the afternoon at Da Enzo's for dinner. We both had pizza and split a piece of tiramisu which was to die for. After dinner we came home to relax for a bit before heading out to the Pub with our friends for a little while. We all did not want to stay a long time as we were all tired from our trips and what not. Today we are being bums and not doing much. We can hardly wait for dinner because I'm making tacos and all the fixings. Brian isn't sure if he has work in the morning or not. If he does we probably won't stay up to watch the Super Bowl but if he has it off we most likely will stay up to watch it! I'll be posting pictures this week from our trip. I need to downsize them and look through them to weed out the bad ones!

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  1. Yay! I am glad you don't have to walk or bum rides--not always the most fun way to travel! Sounds like you guys are liking Germany--and the food!!