Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend update

This weekend has been unusually bright and sunny, but it's been FREEZING! This Arizona girl is ready to have some warm sunshine come to our house here in Germany. Man has it been such a tease to have the sun out when it's 18 degrees outside. Makes me really want the rest of winter to fly by and for spring to be here. I can't wait to be able to go travel more and not have to worry about freezing temperatures, icy roads, snowy walks among other things. I also can't wait to go pick flowers again this summer and plant some of my own in plant boxes for the balcony and back windows :) I'm ready to be able to get in the car and not use the seat warmers in the X3. Oh Spring/summer can't come fast enough this year. Nothing will stop us from traveling tons this year!!! Oh and something else that we are looking forward to is going back to visit our families come August/September. Brian's sister is getting married in Sept so we'll visit with his family before she gets married and stay a few days after. We'll visit my parents in the weeks leading up to the wedding and enjoy some warm Arizona sunshine. I also have some new people to meet that I have yet to meet since some of my friends back in Arizona have given birth to new babies in the year that we've been gone for!

Sun getting ready to set in Tucson Arizona, January 2010

Pretty sunset driving on I10 in Arizona last year in January.

Oh and I can't wait to get some AWESOME food from this place either...

Friday, January 28, 2011


It has been unusually bright outside today. There is something bright in the ski that we don't see often. It normally does not give us much warmth during this time of year. The sun finally came out to play for a day!!! It sure was a bright and sunny day, reminded me of being back home in Arizona well somewhat. I wish some warmth came with it, but I know all too well that in a few short months I won't want the warmth here!

The deep blue clear sky from this evening

Pretty colors off to the side

I see the sun peeking through some trees! This is what we see outside on our balcony :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog. Feel free to stay as long as you want. Hopefully you'll become a follower and travel with my husband and I through Europe.

I started this blog to keep in touch with our families while we travel and enjoy as much as Europe as we can. We have been in Germany for just over a year and have two more years here. I currently am a stay at home wife. I do all things around the house to keep it running. I have several hobbies that I love aside from traveling. They are scrapbooking, crafting and photography.

My husband is currently in the Army and serving here in Germany. He loves to Scuba Dive, anything in the water and outside. He is currently taking college classes to further not only his career but hopefully to finish a degree while he is here in Germany.

We have some of the best friends here and have made them family. We are very lucky to have the chance to be over here. Feel free to look around and stay a while :)

Enjoying a nice cold beer at the top of the Zugspitze. Which is the highest peak in Germany (The Alps).

Visiting the castle in Heidelberg, overlooking the town.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nuremberg part 1

Here are pictures from our first trip to Nuremberg, almost a year ago. Here is my original post on this.

The first picture is that of a fountain in the middle of the town square. This has awesome details and tons of little parts to it.

Here is one of many churches in downtown. Unbelievable on how many there actually is!!!

Trip would not be complete without Starbucks :)

One of the bridges that is downtown.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rothenberg part 1

We have been to Rothenberg many times now. It never gets old going to this town!

Here are some pictures from our trips down there.

The pipes :)

From the new altar looking down into the church

The Old Altar, from the 1400's I believe ( I could be wrong...)

The new altar

One of the streets of Rothenberg

Pretty neat building!

Some of the center of the town :)

Town Hall

Me with the Nutcracker

Brian with the same Nutcracker!

Pretty Arch in the wall

Part of the wall! We walked up there for a little while

Us in the wall walking around. Not made for tall people

Looking inside of the wall town from up in the wall.

And more

Even more :)

Wine bottles on a wall of a building.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New house pics

Here are pictures of our newest apartment when it was empty. I'll try my best to get pictures of the new apartment furnished and complete this week!

Our bedroom closets, the four doors on the left have room for hanging clothes with a shelf on the bottom and on top. The last two doors on the right hand side have shelving in them.

Our bedroom

the other wall across from the closets

Our bathroom, toilet is behind the door on the right, then is the shower/bath. On the left hand side we have our washer/dryer and the double set of sinks!

linen closet

Spare Room, see how tiny it is?

Spare room closet/window. Door on right is shelving and the other two have a hanger section with 2 shelves.

Standing in the hallway looking into the spare room

One section of our living room. See the ugly ugly pillar?

Other half of the living room

Half of our dinning room and looking into our kitchen, excuse the mess!

Other half of the dinning room with our back door

Coat closets behind the front door. Right one has shelving but is very shallow, left two doors have the hanger section and 2 shelves again

Our kitchen part 1, a little bigger

Other half of the kicthen

our balcony