Friday, August 27, 2010

flower picking German style

Brian and I went to dinner to celebrate my new job. Even if I haven't started it was still nice to go out and not cook dinner at home. On the way home I told him we should stop and pick some flowers. I've been giving him a hard time the last week or so about how I never ever get flowers lol. They grow fields of self-pick flowers all over the place. Normally you see a sunflower patch and then a huge gladiolus field. They are only 60 Euro cent per stem you pick. Pretty cheap for what you get :)

Here are some pictures from our flower picking experience tonight. All in all I think we did well :)

The wonderful trusting sign... Oh how I love it over here!

Look at how cute he looks holding up a stem of flowers :)

Just a view of how long the field of sun flowers are... Huge I tell ya!

Look at how pretty the colors are... Oh so pretty I tell ya! Corn field in the background...

Anyone want a green stem of gladiolus flowers

More view of the one field

Our flowers once we got home and got them in water. Excuse the mess!

So there ya go pops, an update on your children. As far as I know we both are still alive and doing well! Love you and miss you all

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