Tuesday, September 28, 2010

update on life

So there has been a lot that has happened since my last posting. I got offered a few jobs, took the one that would hopefully offer the best options and provide me with something to do during the week. Boy the last part of that is a huge understatement! Brian is wondering sometimes where his wife went and why this hard working woman came home instead. I'm teaching at the local CDC in a Pre-K type classroom. Not my first choice, but out of the options I had last month it was the best because it is teaching!

We have been to many different places since our last update. We went to the Nuremberg Volksfest, the real Oktoberfest, Brian went back to Austria, Rothenberg. In two weeks we will be heading back to Garmisch to stay for a long weekend so Brian can scuba dive and I can go get pampered at the Spa.

Aside from working tons, Brian and I are trying to settle into everyday life yet again. No real word as to where his work 'home' will be or when he will be going there. It is all up in the air like normal around here. Things seem to be settling down around here which is good. The holidays are coming up quickly! We both are very excited to be here in Germany for them. The different markets and shopping areas will be a lot of fun to visit!

I'll be back sometime to post pictures of our latest adventures... It's harder than one would think to sit down and post on here!!

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  1. Sounds like a job that will keep you busy :) I LOVE Garmish. Enjoy it!