Sunday, January 30, 2011

weekend update

This weekend has been unusually bright and sunny, but it's been FREEZING! This Arizona girl is ready to have some warm sunshine come to our house here in Germany. Man has it been such a tease to have the sun out when it's 18 degrees outside. Makes me really want the rest of winter to fly by and for spring to be here. I can't wait to be able to go travel more and not have to worry about freezing temperatures, icy roads, snowy walks among other things. I also can't wait to go pick flowers again this summer and plant some of my own in plant boxes for the balcony and back windows :) I'm ready to be able to get in the car and not use the seat warmers in the X3. Oh Spring/summer can't come fast enough this year. Nothing will stop us from traveling tons this year!!! Oh and something else that we are looking forward to is going back to visit our families come August/September. Brian's sister is getting married in Sept so we'll visit with his family before she gets married and stay a few days after. We'll visit my parents in the weeks leading up to the wedding and enjoy some warm Arizona sunshine. I also have some new people to meet that I have yet to meet since some of my friends back in Arizona have given birth to new babies in the year that we've been gone for!

Sun getting ready to set in Tucson Arizona, January 2010

Pretty sunset driving on I10 in Arizona last year in January.

Oh and I can't wait to get some AWESOME food from this place either...

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