Sunday, February 6, 2011


One of Brian's coworkers had a going away party on Saturday night so we piled in the car and drove down to join in for dinner. No one in the party had ever been to this place before. It was a very interesting and unique experience. A place we will go back to a few more times while we are still here. It would be the perfect place to go on a date or for girls night!!!! The food was fantastic and reasonably priced.

Now on to the real story behind this post.

In this restaurant there are NO and I mean NO wait staff. You do all the ordering of food/drinks yourself. Upon walking into the restaurant, you are given a card. With this card you order all of your food on the computers at your table. In the middle of the table is a huge turn table that is two shelves tall. The lower one houses plates, bowls, silverware, napkins, glasses, beer mugs, beer glasses, bottle opener and an empty spot to put your used dishes on. Going around the middle are two computers that are movable around the table so everyone can access them easily. Each chair has a number on the table that becomes your number for the night. When you order on your card, you select your number on the monitor. Upon placing your order, you wait around for not long at all, I'd say no more than 15 minutes for your whole meal to come down to you. The kitchen is up on the fourth floor of the restaurant. The drinks and food are loaded up into little caddies (single item per caddy) and sent down a track system that ends at your table. It is then resting on the top of the middle section of table. It can be spun around the table to the person who ordered it. They place a little sticker on the lid of whatever you order that has your table number, your seat number and a few other things on it. This comes in handy when there are 13 people at your table if in a large group! The food is served in little pots, with lids. On the lid is the steam hole and shoved in the hole is a sparkler. Makes the best presentation ever!!!! Nothing like seeing hot food coming at you with a sparkler attached to it.

Sorry the next few pictures were taken with my iPhone. I forgot to bring a real camera with us the first time we went.

Some of the pictures are from 2 weeks later when we went back with friends for another going away dinner :( BLAH! This is the part I think most of us dislike about the military and all the moving we do. Once we get great friends it seems that it is time for one of us to move.

Will and Papi


Papi, Jay and Mel

Mel getting some of her food!

Our onion rings :)

The pot holders for the pots


Julie and Will

Dessert :) yummy!

An empty food holder!

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