Wednesday, March 16, 2011

busy busy

Today we went back up to Landstuhl and were given the results of his ct scan. No mass or tumors are present. Um excuse me? We thought this was to check the blood flow and not check for a mass or a tumor. Not what we wanted to hear that's for sure. Brian was told to live with the inconvenience his arm/shoulder is giving him. See when he runs, talks on the phone, plays video games on the Wii, drives, does day to day activities around the house and at work his fingers go numb, they turn white and his arm tingles. He has seen 6 doctors now and has done physical therapy for thoracic outlet sydrome. We are pretty much at the point now it's either suck it up and deal with this on a day to day bases or surgery. While we don't want him to undergo surgery we are wanting to know if it will help. What if his symptoms go completely away after surgery. If we don't go that route, what happens when he goes for a run during pt and his hand turns white, goes numb and he gets frostbite on his fingers because he can't feel them. Then what do we do? It's finding the right doctor who is comfortable in taking steps to help him. I don't think we will find that here in Germany or at ANY military facility. See most of these 'doctors' he has seen haven't graduated Medical school or done anything to get the title of MD. It's frustrating to see someone who has little schooling making these judgments. Oh well such is military life.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and packing for our trip. I also hope to be able to go to see Chief's last flight and help to celebrate it with him. He has been such a wonderful influence and friend here to Brian and I. We are super sad to see him go.

Friday morning we leave to go to Switzerland for the long weekend. Yup another 4 day weekend... The military likes to give us one a month at least if not more! It's super nice and makes traveling around a LOT easier. Brian is going helo-skiing on Saturday while I bum around, study for my certification testing and relax. Sunday we'll ski together (I can only ski one day a trip because of the metal in my calf... It hurts too much to do more) Then on Monday we travel back home to start another week. Brian is going to his new unit this coming week. Among other things. I'm still in the process of trying to get certified so I can maybe teach this upcoming year. Who knows it's all up in the air right now. We are at the mercy of someone hiring me and I'm not wanting to work nights/weekends which makes it a little harder!

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