Tuesday, March 1, 2011

V-day and other ramblings

Ramblings from February

We haven't done too much due to a lot of people PCS'ing in and out of here. We've had to say goodbye to many friends and people we've meet in the last year. Some of them will be greatly missed and others we have already celebrated them moving away from here! This is one part of the military life style that is hard for everyone. Making friends seems to be a hard task when you know either of you will be moving soon after becoming good friends. I guess it's life though.

We did stay up and watch the Super Bowl, but yet again no commercials. It just doesn't seem the same when they have no commercials from the states. Oh well, one more Super Bowl for sure here and then we can watch all the commercials back State side!

For Valentine's day we did a surf and turf type dinner. For Breakfast I made pancakes, bacon and a strawberry sauce to go on top of the pancakes. The strawberries came in heart shaped containers from the commissary. They were super cute!!!

Brian and I went to dinner the Friday before. We went to Tiz for dinner, which as always was yummy. It's an Asian/German place. I use Asian lightly as the food is Chinese or Japanese but with a German flare. They aren't too great at making great Asian food. One thing I miss about the States! Oh well, Brian brought home a dozen tulips for me as a surprise. We had said NO gifts but he spoiled me with tulips! Oh how nice :)

Other than that February was a very uneventful month here. We are looking forward to no more snow and to warmer temps so we can travel easier! It didn't really snow much this month which was wonderful.

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