Thursday, January 14, 2010

first full day in Ansbach

Today we woke up in the Inn on Katterbach, got dressed ate some breakfast before taking our showers. Once we were dressed and ready to go we headed down stairs to walk over to the commissary to pick up some drinks and stuff. On our walk we stopped to look at the shuttle schedule and decided to take it, well we spent an hour on the shuttle being driven from small base to small base and then had to wait for the driver on his break before we could head over to the commissary area that is on the base across the street from the one base we are staying at! We did some shopping in the commissary. We picked up a huge sandwich while we were there and boy was it yummy! Makes subway look like nothing :) we headed back to our room after the commissary to eat lunch and relax. It was a nice relaxing walk back to our room. Stay tuned for pictures and what not later on!

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