Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend full of fun

This weekend we were able to get out of the Inn and head down town for some time at a local Irish Pub. One of the guys who picked us up and took us around the first day we were here asked us if we wanted to go out with him and one of his friends he met the first night he was here. We thought it would be a fun time so we went. Sat around in this Pub for a while before anyone really showed up but we were able to meet the lady who owns it with her husband and try out a few drinks before. Brian was able to discover other beers he likes and try new ones while at the Pub. We ordered one type, and decided it wasn't for us. I switched over to drinking Razz the rest of the night with the except of doing an Irish Car Bomb with Brian... the night went well, we both returned back to the Inn safely and were a bit tipsy. All in all it was a nice evening out. We saw a lot of his coworkers at the Pub and found out quick who acts/does strange things and who is level headed real quick.

Saturday morning we went to the gym to workout. Got a nice workout in before heading to get some food for a few meals. After coming back we decided to go bowling after dinner to kill a few hours before heading back to the Irish Pub. Let me tell ya it was a fun interesting night! We spent a while at the bowling alley, our new friend came and hung out with us for sometime as well. After having fun bowling we ended up calling a taxi to take us to the Pub. Since we had been there the night before we were noticed right off the bat and the lady who owns it tried to give us the same drinks from the night before. Talk about a nice family Pub. Saturday night was more interesting than Friday night was only because of the people. We met some really strange drunk people who couldn't leave our table alone! Once again I drank Razz pretty much all night and Brian enjoyed his beer and cola/beer. It is defiantly an acquired taste.

Sunday I spent the day sleeping as my stomach wasn't feeling well and I was sick. Brian was nice enough to do laundry for me and got me anything I needed or wanted. He is such an awesome husband!

Newest updates: last week we toured our place, accepted to live in it and we move in on Thursday! They are lending us a bed, a table and a set of chairs until all of our stuff comes in a few weeks. We get our small shipment on Friday so I can finally cook with my own stuff! I can't wait to get back in the kitchen and stop eating so much junky food that is premade! Brian has work this week, well more like classes and in-processing even more so I will be busy at the Inn until Thursday working on homework and packing up our bags to get ready to move up the street. It is starting to snow again tonight, it hasn't snowed really the whole time we've been here but there is still snow on the ground (not much anymore after the other day's rain storm) from the days leading up to us getting here. I can't wait to have a car so we can drive around and I can take more pictures. I've been slacking on that majorly and will get better. Hey I have 3 years to take pictures right? Well off to get ready for bed and work/homework tomorrow! Hope all had a good weekend and hope this week goes great for everyone.

Lots of love,
Jessi and Brian


  1. Wondering what a Razz is? Sounds like you are having a good time. Your Snuggie is being a brat!!! He has tried to bite the hand that feeds him! Such a bad dog. I think the cold weather here is really bothering him.

    Love and miss you guys,
    Mom and Dad

  2. oh no! Poor thing, wrap him up in his snuggie!!! Tell him his sissy loves him and to be good.

    A Razz has sprite with a shot (or two) of Raspberry Bacardi or something similar. It's rather tasty, tastes fruity and is clear.