Monday, January 18, 2010

past weekend

Hey all,

This past weekend was very interesting needless to say!

Friday we went to an Italian/German restaurant on the other side of Ansbach. Da Enzo was by far the best meal we have had here. We both had pork, Brian had a pork loin in a Gorgonzola sauce while I had the pork rolls stuffed with spinach and Gorgonzola in the same sauce as Brian's had. Both came with a salad and fries. I had a glass of wine while Brian enjoyed two tall glasses of beer... To end the meal we were given a cherry liquor that was pleasant.

Saturday we did laundry, hung out around the room. Ended up eating at the Pizzeria on Katterbach before we picked up a bottle of Crown Royal and headed back to the hotel to play cards and have a few drinks. We were supposed to go to an Irish Pub but our plans fell through.

Sunday we got up went to the gym, stopped and picked up some groceries on the way home. We ended up at a Greek restaurant for dinner which wasn't all that bad. To start our meal off we both had a shot of Ouzo. We each had gyro's in different sauces, Brian had potatoes and I had pasta with mine. (No flatbread with them though). Our cab ride home was interesting to say the least. After waiting in the cold/rain for 30-40 minutes we finally had a cab. Our driver was an older lady who hit 100mph on the drive back to the gate... Very interesting to say the least. Our night was spent drinking and playing more cards... seems to be the thing now-a-days for us.

Stay tuned for this week's interesting things. Brian goes back to work tomorrow (Tuesday). Hopefully he will find out our housing stuff among other things. Tonight we plan on ordering dinner in and enjoying some relaxing tv while I work on some homework.


  1. Brian is probably happy mom wasn't driving. lol. Missed you guys at In and Out today. Will mail you something this week. Love you both and miss you!! lol. We turned your room into the party room. Tiggie loves it.