Tuesday, January 19, 2010

good news?

(Our view from the room at the Inn)

Well it's a pretty nice day out for starters. The sun is somewhat shinning upon the base today. This is great! Brian had work today, all of his in-processing and what not has been going well. Yesterday I was able to pick up an iPhone to use while we are here to help communicate with each other while we are apart. It's been nice to be back in touch with him while he is gone. Brian was told today that tomorrow or Thursday we will be able to go look at a place here on Bismark. If we decide to not take it, we won't be able to get on post housing for a year and will have to look off-post for housing and will be responsible for paying for our stay at the Inn... so all in all we are praying this place is decent enough to live in for a year (rumor has it that since it is the unremodeled place we will be first to get the newest housing either the end of this year or early next year. Unremodeled housing still has the washer/dryer in the basement and this place is on the third floor.... I think I could live with it for a year!) We should find out more this week.

(My Doner Kabab)

I met up with Brian for lunch today at the Pizzeria on Katterbach and we had a pretty nice lunch. Lunch consisted of a burrito like wrap that is called a Doner Kabab. It was super delicious and rather filling. The wrap was larger than my hand and I had to use two hands to hold it because it was so full! The wrap had meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and a garlic sauce. Brian added spices to his which made it spicy! He, of course had to finish mine up because I was so stuffed. After lunch Brian was able to find out that our first shipment of goods has made it and will wait for us to get a place. This shipment has some scrapbooking items, clothing, one tv and few other things needed for our sanity! If we are able to get the place I described above we will be able to move in if all goes well on Jan 28th which is next week Thursday! As always it's a hurry up and wait kind of game the Army plays.

Here's hoping we are able to approve the place and to be able to move in next week! Hope all is well with everyone and we miss everyone.

With love,
Jessi and Brian!

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